CST 143 Web Applications and Development (3 Credits) A practical hands-on introduction to the design and development of a Web site, this course introduces students with little or no experience in Web scripting to the concepts, syntax, and structure of xhtml. The course will also include an introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), an important presentation initiative, and Universal Design, the process of incorporating accessible design features into Web pages.

CST 154 Object-Oriented Programming I (3 Credits) Explores computer programming and object-oriented language using Java. This course provides an understanding of program structure, procedures, and event programming through the use of hands-on labs and programming assignments. (2 lec, 2 lab)

CST 251 Cloud Computing I (3 Credits) Introduces cloud computing concepts, terminologies and methodologies with hands-on labs and basic programming assignments, providing a basic exposure to cloud platforms. Topics include the basic building blocks of cloud computing such as virtualization, load balancing, scalability and elasticity, troubleshooting and security. (2 lec, 2 lab)

CST 253 Object-Oriented Programming II (3 Credits) Explores the way information is accessed with the use of mobile devices and introduces mobile application development using Java. Topics covered will include activity lifecycles, user interface and input, data management and deploying mobile applications. (2 lec, 2 lab) Prerequisite: CST 236

CST 254 Cloud Computing II (3 Credits) Explores cloud applications and development using Amazon Web Services. Students will learn the building blocks for computing storage and content delivery through hands-on experience with core services while exploring the differences in security roles and responsibilities. (2 lec, 2 lab) Prerequisite: CST 251

CST 256 Software Development and Marketing (3 Credits) Explores the software development process with an introduction to the software development life cycle, development methodologies and teambased production concepts. The course will also cover basic considerations and strategies when marketing software to consumers. (2 lec, 2 lab)

CST 248 Capstone (1 Credit) Serves as the capstone course for all computer networking students and will integrate all of the networking skills acquired throughout the computer networking degree program. In this course, students will design, develop and implement a network in a simulated or real-world environment. (15 weeks, 1 lec, 0 lab)