You will work with a mentor from the business community to help prepare you for an exciting technology-focused career. They will assist you in developing a plan to achieve your goals and prepare you for your first software job. You will have the opportunity to spend time together in person, by phone, or video so you can really get to know your mentor. With a local business mentor advising you, you will be off to a great start in your career


At Code Maine, you will gain the career skills you need to succeed at your job, such as writing effective resumes, cover letters, and business memos. You will participate in mock interviews and learn strategies to develop your best professional image. Through the career development courses, you will acquire business etiquette skills and gain comfort speaking in front of groups. Code Maine’s training will help you learn how to create those critical business relationships that are so important for career success.


Our goal is to gain 100% employment for our graduates. At Code Maine, each student will work with staff to develop their resumes and polish their interview skills.

Code Maine graduates will be able to showcase their work on GitHub and through earning an Eastern Maine Community College certificate of completion in software development. That certificate will act as a live resume with skills and work product available for viewing.

The staff at Code Maine will highlight job opportunities and introduce students to corporate partners who will potentially be interested in hiring interns and full-time coders.